Impov: Fall break

Although this class occurred a while ago, I wanted to share it with a larger audience, because it was a turning point for my modern class at the Dance Factory. After checking in with the group of students in Friday afternoon modern, I decided to hold an improvisation/choreography class during fall break, an optional dance experience for those who would be around and wanted to get moving. This would be an opportunity to focus less on technique and more on creativity... to encourage participants to see themselves as active dance-makers.Class:Cathy Nicoli warm-up - personal favorite that includes shifting weight from one foot to the other and pushing one's arms in all directionsFollow the leader warm-up - alternating leaders, moving through space, self-decided how long one could leadMoving shape - in groups of 3 or 4 one person makes a shape, another uses the positive space around that person's body to make another shape - continues until everyone has made a shape. First person leaves shape, observes, and comes in to make a new shape.Space-filling duets - moving with partner, focus is on filling each other's space... two people exploring positive and negative space, focus less on shape and more on movementCreate rise and fall duets - continue thinking about filling/working with positive/negative spacePerhaps the most beautiful moment in this class was participants realizing there were multiple ways of interpreting and creating choreography. Some focused on using movement as a source of inspiration or found specific movements compelling in and of themselves, while others took a more narrative approach to both dance-making and dance-viewing, finding the stories or emotions inherent in their experience with dance. The class encouraged a plethora of choreography ideas for both myself and the participants.