Building Community - Park Street Style

I've been blessed to dance and play with the young folks and their teachers at Park Street School in Springfield, VT this past week and will continue moving with them through this week. Jan Rounds, the school's best-ever guidance counselor who has a massage chair in her office, helped to bring me in the dance with all the students while exploring the this month's theme: RESPECT. I go from kindergarten to 5th grade making sculptures, leading through space with different body parts, and calming our bodies down with deep breaths.

The kids are awake and ready to rock when I come into class, often surprising me with their willingness to take risks. Enthusiastic responses make me want to hunker down and stay with these groups the whole year, exploring what we could do if we had the opportunity to dance every week, but I hold these precious weeks close to me heart, breathing in life at this sweet school.

The Rutland Herald featured the residency on this Saturday's front page. Check it out here.