When You Forget the Tutu

Aurora, my daughter, takes ballet on Friday mornings with Ms. Dana, her personal real-life goddess, complete with glitter and a constantly rotating supply of ever-lovely short and romantic tutus. A big part of this class is the opportunity to wear her own tutu in front a mirror with a slew of other darling little lasses prancing around in their own outfits. Alas, this Friday, I forgot the tutu.

I was having one of those weeks where I couldn't find my "positive spin" button and even my man was giving me the "get it together" look. I am drenched with goodness from the sweet babes who I wake up with to the view I get from up the hill next to our house to the body I am blessed to move around in every day. But sometimes, even with all this goodness, I let the negative strains of hard-knock living all around get me down. 

I realized as I was putting on Aurora's ballet slippers that I had forgotten the tutu. Hoping she wouldn't notice, I didn't bring it up, but being one who notices, Aurora asked for her tutu. I skirted around her question before because realizing I was about to the witness the wrath of the 2 year old. As the tears started forming in her little eyes, I dragged her to the dressing room looking for lost-and-found tutus and then into the costume closet hoping something, anything from The Nutcracker might work (there have to be pluses when it comes to teaching at the studio your kid takes class at), but nope, I was stumped. Holding my teary child, I walked into the studio to have Dana save my butt by pulling out her own dance skirt for Aurora to wear. My child's eyes widened and I was quickly abandoned for the true woman of her dreams.

I share this story not for my minor trauma, but for the relief this simple moment provided me. Dana gave me a gift on Friday morning. She gave me some niceness and healed some of my self-pity, allowing me to relax and step back, acknowledging, yet again, the good in my life instead of focusing on the little hard stuff. This is a big gift and we cannot give each other the gift of "being okay" enough. Thank you Dana and may you have provided me with a little more grace as I get back out there in the world. Let's work on being nice, my friends. Be nice.

Ms. Dana's preschool ballet - photo thanks to Amy Hill.

Ms. Dana's preschool ballet - photo thanks to Amy Hill.