Space for Intentions

The studio floor was covered with sequins this morning as Ally, Thomasena and I swept with our indulgent improvisations. These bright bursts on the gray floor were sweet reminders of the every day glitter that keeps us energized and curious. The little silver and blue dots are most likely remnants from tutus belonging to 4 and 5 year olds, but this morning they were drops of inspiration to keep us rising and falling to a Saturday morning pulse. 

As my busiest half of the teaching year starts to settle, I find myself craving and seeking the space to reflect, digest, and create. I have been working with a zealous passion that at times makes me wonder where space for critical reflection will come from but as the performance season begins to wind down, I am reminded of the opportunities available to me in the summertime for deepening my dancing and teaching practice.

This winter, Kate - my teacher of many years and my mentor in current years -  decorated the studio with Christmas lights. The week before our winter break, we turned off the overhead lights and danced in the magical light that comes from tiny bulbs in the darkest of our months here in Vermont. This small change breathed joy into the cold studio post-Nutcracker performances and we were all grateful for a different way of seeing.

The opportunities for setting intentions come in many forms - a Saturday morning movement reflection with strong female friends, a slower summertime teaching schedule, and a nightime December pointe class lit in a new way. It in the rush of trying to be good and do better, it is a gentle gift to be reminded that this space exists.